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So very preliminary spoilers so far:

Oh, and by the way, get ready for this, because as Simon has rigged it, er, said, "This is the year of the groups". Louis Walsh also tells the other judges in Kansas City that "the US should try to make a better boyband than in the UK"

*Popular Audition Songs: "I'm Goin' Down" Mary J Blige at Austin; "Mama Knows Best" Jessie J at Kansas City; "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber at San Francisco; "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen at Providence
*Past auditionees: The Anser from last year (made it to judge's houses) re-auditioned in San Francisco this year with "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 and "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber, and said that they had practiced blending their voices together, but the judges were harsher on this trio and it doesn't look like they went to the next round. Xander Alexander from last year's pimp spot joke auditions re-auditioned in Providence this year with "My Prerogative" by Bobby Brown (the Britney Spears version) and got booed before he started singing.
*The producers and songwriters seen at Miami bootcamp included Autumn Rowe (worked with Alexandra Burke/Leona Lewis/Cher Lloyd), Damon Sharpe (JLo/Kylie Minogue/Big Time Rush), Lil' Eddie Serrano (P!nk, Usher, Jojo), Harvey Mason Jr (of the Underdogs), and Sam Watters. The Monsters and Claude Kelly are also there.
*Contestants stayed at the Fontaine Bleau Hotel in Miami Beach during bootcamp.
*Actual tweets from above producers:

Finished another day at  bootcamp working with 2 amazing groups. This is truly going to be an amazing season!


12-16s: (Mentored by Britney Spears at her Malibu home; mentored by

Arin Ray (CUT?)
Audition City: Providence, RI
Origin: Cincinnati, OH
Age: 16
*Said to be a standout: Demi told him that she couldn't wait to see how he's like when he's 18 and said his confidence was really hot.
*Was part of the Glee-wannabe group "InTENsity" last year in XFUS1 (so it looks like past group types can re-audition this year?). Here part of XFUS1 bootcamp group week singing "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For" by U2Formation of InTENsity. Judge's house performanceThe Clapping Song/FootlooseKids in America/Party Rock Anthem (Ray does the rapping part of the LMFAO song).
*Last year said that he wanted to bring real music back to the radio. Last year said that "InTENsity didn't want to be labeled as Disney kids"
Find Your Love by Drake
Viva La Vida by Coldplay

Beatrice Miller (INTO LIVESHOWS)
Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: "Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood and "Cowboy Take Me Away" by the Dixie Chicks
Origin: Maplewood, NJ
Age: 13
*She is an actress who has lent her voice to the animated special "Yes, Virginia"
*She also lent her voice to Molly in Toy Story 3 and also did voice-overs in Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs among others
*Judge Verdict: 4 of 4 (The judges asked her to sing the Dixie Chicks song after the first song was underwhelming; Demi worried she wasn't ready, but Simon thought that she had potential--you could very very special, you're not there yet, but don't want to let you go)
Arms by Christina Perri
It Will Rain By Bruno Mars
Someone Like You by Adele

Carly Rose Sonenclar (INTO LIVESHOWS)
Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone
Origin: Westchester, NY
Age: 13
*She was said to begin singing imitating performers at American Idol
*Did a ton of Broadway stuff and musicals including Les Miserables and Little House of the Prairie starring Melissa Gilbert; actress and vocalist
*Appeared in the movie Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2
*Sung the national anthem many times
*Said to sing with the confidence of a 30 year old woman
*Standout audition
Judge Verdict: 4 of 4(LA called her an old soul and said a star has just walked out across the stage, Britney told her "a little diva! that was amazing" and all four judges stood up for her and they said a star was just born, I'm blown away, Demi said "I see you winning this competition easily"; Simon claimed she was lying about her age and wondered who was behind singing for her)
Feeling Good by Nina Simone
God Bless the USA
I Am What I Am
Doing some acting/singing for The Electric Company

Diamond White (LIVESHOWS)
Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Audition Song: "Deja Vu" by Beyonce, "It's A Man's Man's Man's World" by James Brown and "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction
Origin: Los Angeles, CA via Southfield, MI
Age: 13
*Standout, got a standing ovation, was said to have outstanding vocal talent and confident stage presence
*The One Direction song was done acapella
*Was part of a talent consulting firm (One Source Talent), played in the Chicago production of "The Color Purple" at age 8; appeared nationally on the "talented children" episode of the Maury Povich show. Clearly reared to be a pageant singer--says she looks up to Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson.
*Will now attempt to rap. Young Misha B clone?
Judge Verdict: 4 of 4
Singing the National Anthem
Interview with Fox News, and singing Beyonce's Listen
Someone Like You/Nicki Minaj mashup
Official website

Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: Original rap
Age: 14
*Real name is James or Jim Tanner
*Rapped the lyrics "I got the magic touch, you can call me Dumbledore"
*Kid Caucasian rapper that reminded many in the audience of XFUS1's Astro. Raps hard lyrics
*Judge Verdict: 3 of 4 (Demi said no because she didn't like the personality, also said she was no expert in rap music but that he entertained them; LA said his song was good but said it didn't have a huge chorus, said as a rapper he was good--wasn't sure if his attitude was confident or bratty, but said bordering on disrespect--still an emphatic yes; Britney thought it was really good even though she doesn't know much about rap music--says yes; Simon said that he was very annoying but had to admit begrudgingly that he was very good, but wondered if he was prepared to do what was necessary within the competition--asked if he was going to dance, do a cover version of songs, he was going to do to that--JT says yes to them, even though he likes to write his stuff--Simon says he is not as sold yet--but based on the performance he says yes)~Simon says that if we have a conversation similar to this again, you're going to home~Demi says that in order to sell albums one day, you need to be likeable
Heismen II Remix feat Biingo

Reed Deming (CUT)
Origin: San Antonio, TX
Audition City: Austin, TX
Age: 13
*Classifies music as alternative pop rock influenced by Coldplay, OneRepublic and Bruno Mars. Plays guitar, ukulele, saxophone and dances
*Was a finalist for Simon Fuller's Boy Band For the Next Generation nationwide search and Kidz Bop talent search
*Affiliated with Septien Entertainment in Texas which has launched artists like XF judge Demi Lovato and Jessica Simpson
Misery by Maroon 5
Fall For You by Secondhand Serenade
Grenade by Bruno Mars

17-24s: (Mentored by Demi Lovato in Los Angeles, assistant is Nick Jonas )

Audition City: Kansas City, KS
Origin: Decatur, MO
Audition Song: "Ain't No Other Man" by Christina Aguilera
Age: 20
*She says that she wants to succeed as much as she wants to breathe. 
*Definitely aspires to be a pop star--calls herself a singer/songwriter/occasional rapper. Calls herself Miss X to the O, looks the part. Uses autotune extensively. Has had people direct her music videos
*On FB: I'm obnoxious, loud, and I talk way to much most of the time. I can sing opera, chyea, I can. I cuss like a sailor, wish that I didn't, and I go to church every Sunday. I am a goody two-shoes. I am a total dork.
*Observers said her ambition stood out
Judge Verdict: 4 of 4 (Louis: Thinks she's ambitious and talented....LA: Loves her attitude and style and thinks she has the X Factor....Demi: Has a girl crush on singing pop is awesome...Britney: will be rooting for her the entire competition)
Superbass by Nicki Minaj (Warning: autotune alert but also 400K views)
Part Of Me by Katy Perry
Fighter by Christina Aguilera (with rap verse)

Jennel Garcia (INTO LIVESHOWS)
Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: Paris (Ooh La La) by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals
Origin: Rochester, ME
Age: 18
*She was in American Juniors as a 10-year old.
*Did vocal choirs (seen singing "Firework" by Katy Perry) and was part of Voices in Time, a group of 25 vocal students singing in nursing homes
*A real standout. LA called her a feisty little fireball, Demi called her the most promising act and said she had a new girl crush since the Austin auditions, and Simon asked what's in the water, and said she was right in the money and what was missing in the charts is a young Pat Benatar.

Jillian Jensen (CUT)
Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: "Who You Are" by Jessie J
Origin: Rochester, MA
Age: 19
*Auditioned for Season 9 of American Idol and did the American Idol Experience. Her all time favorite song is said to be "Amazing Grace"
*Has a sob story about bullying which Demi Lovato empathized with, with a "stay strong" tattoo, she supposedly moved Demi so much that she ran onto the stage to share a hug and a private conversation; standout audition, was crying while she sang
*Seems to have an acoustic sound which would fit well with AI9, and in addition to that, looks to rap as well; a musician type who can play 7 instruments
*Judge Verdict: 4 of 4 (LA said he had never heard anyone pour their emotions into a song the way she did; Britney says she shouldn't be crying because she was amazing; Demi was speechless and in tears; Simon said that was incredible; her whole family came out with their signs onto the stage after the verdict)
Payphone by Maroon 5
Two Is Better Than One by Boys Like Girls feat Taylor Swift
Obligatory cover of Rebecca Black's Friday
Billie Jean by Michael Jackson
My Band (Eminem feat D12~haha)
Interestingly, must have attempted to be a pop star before: has affiliated herself with New England hip hop before--Jojo redux?

Lyric (or Lyric Da Queen) (CUT?)
Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Origin: Miami, FL/ Atlanta, GA/ Flint, MI
Age: 23
*Observers noted flow was sick in the auditions. Wore an eyepatch to the auditions
*Nicki Minaj clone? Calls herself a champion battle rapper.
*Real name is Bianca Barnes
The Motto by Drake feat Lil Wayne
Look At Me Now by Chris Brown
You Don't Know
A bunch of mixtapes

Nick Youngerman (CUT)
Origin: Tipp City, OH
Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Audition Song: "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice
Age: 21
*Says he likes recording his own hip hop music; Eminem clone?
*Has released a CD, made it to the top 10 of Dayton's CW Star Contest
White rapper. Made Britney stand up and dance.
Cheers (Get Up and Drink)
Reverbnation; She Got It, Paper Planes, Killa W/ Dream
I Miss Highschool, I Told Ya

Paige Ava Thomas (INTO LIVESHOWS)
Origin: San Antonio, TX via Phoenix, AZ and Miami, FL
Audition City: Austin, TX
Audition Song: "I'm Going Down" by Rose Royce
Age: 22
*She made it to American Idol Season 10 bootcamp. She also made it to bootcamp in Idol Season 11 after auditioning in Los Angeles. She's a single mother who says she wants to set an example for her daughter.
Hit Em Up Style by Blu Cantrell
Flaws and All by Beyonce
Marvin's Room by Drake (JoJo version)

Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Audition Song: "Your Man" by Josh Turner
Origin: Shreveport, LA
Age: 17
*Described as the last person you'd expect to sing country, he was a black guy dressed like a hipster. Was in awe with the standing O. Got a ton of rave reviews from the audience.
*He seems to like hip hop a lot as well, so one wonders if he's playing the "country game" here
*Willie Lee Jones, III is full name
*Judge Verdict: 4 of 4 (Simon and LA gave him a standing O; Demi asked him how come he came dressed up like a hipster but sang country, you are cool and likeable, such a rockstar; LA said he was an absolute original, Simon said this is why he wanted to come to Greensboro--I prayed we would find somebody like you, but you went beyond expectations, amazing recording voice, I am going to remember this first day I met Willie Jones, distinctive, ginormous big fat yes)

GROUPS: (Mentored by Simon Cowell in Miami, FL, assistants were Marc Anthony and possibly Boyce Avenue)

Austin Corini (INTO A MANUFACTURED GROUP with Brandon Shah, Josh Metzler, Owen Stuart, and Johnny Maxwell) (CUT)
Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Audition Song: "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction and "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes
Age: 16
*Simon enjoyed after the second song; Demi sees the sparkle in his eyes, says he's cute, feels he has a great voice; Britney said he has an amazing voice, loves his hair, whole package; LA wanted him to sing a second song.
*Seems to like autotune
Whatcha Say by Jason DeRulo
It Girl by Jason DeRulo
Lips of an Angel by Hinder

Brandon Hassan (PUT INTO MANUFACTURED GROUP with Owen Stuart, Josh Metzler, Austin Corini and Johnny Maxwell?) (CUT)
Age: 16
Audition City: Austin, TX
Origin: Irving, TX
*Also goes by Brandon Shah. Says soul is the gateway and singing/piano are his mediums. Wants to bring back lyrical depth to the industry. Seems to be a throwback old-soul singer.
American Pie by Don McLean (all 7 minutes of it)
Bad Day by Daniel Powter 
Piano Improvisation

Johnny Maxwell (LIKELY INTO MANUFACTURED GROUP with Josh Metzler, Austin Corini, Brandon Shah and Owen Stuart) (CUT)
Origin: Castro Valley, CA
Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Audition Song: Original rap and "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber
Age: 16
*Rapped the Bieber song as well. Had crowd on its feet, had on-stage charisma and originality for a hip hop artist.
*Demi tells him not to rap, wasn't a huge fan of his first song, loved his confidence and stage presence, and thinks that girls her age will probably like something about him. Simon thinks his song choices are terrible, but  really likes him, and has a good feeling about him, likes his attitude, thinks he's cool, so he's going to ignore the song choices. Britney thought it didn't have the wow factor. LA said the audition wasn't good, thought song choices were wrong, but thinks they could help him.
*Seems to be pimped; had his entrance re-done to the stage with a standing ovation. Viewer thought that he was comparable to Chris Rene
*Verdict: 3 of 4 (Britney says no; Simon says a big fat yes, tells LA not to let this guy go--Tiah Tolliver syndrome? LA asks him if he can take direction, Johnny says he can, so LA says yes)
Right By My Side by Nicki Minaj feat Chris Brown
The View by Seanybo feat Johnny Maxwell
Don't Wake Me Up by Johnny Maxwell feat Mae Muldez

Josh Metzler (PUT INTO MANUFACTURED GROUP with Owen Stuart, Brandon Shah, Austin Corini and Johnny Maxwell?) (CUT)
Age: 16
Origin: Gilbert, AZ
*Calls self singer/songwriter. Wields guitar. Tendency to slow down and acoustic-ize all his songs. Sleepy
*Was on Season 1 of Majors & Minors. Very planty and has worked with Avril and J-Hud, among many others
Wide Awake by Katy Perry
Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
Payphone by Maroon 5/Wiz Khalifa

Owen Stuart (PUT INTO MANUFACTURED GROUP with Josh Metzler, Brandon Shah, Austin Corini and Johnny Maxwell?) (CUT)
Origin: Buffalo, NY
Age: 17
*Stage name is O.W.E.N. (Occupied with Endless Noise). Rapper with sick beats, but also sings inspirational songs. Has a particular inclination for candlelight remixes of songs/duets.
Cam Newton, Watchin' Me Fall, Heaven by DJ Sammy cover, Teenage Dream by Katy Perry Cover
Batman (produced by Cypriot Vibez)
Disappear (Live)
Swing Life Away by Rise Against
Song of Storms

Ally Brooke Hernandez (PUT INTO A MANUFACTURED GROUP with Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui and Normani Kordei?)~(INTO LIVESHOWS)
Audition City: Austin, TX
Origin: San Antonio, TX
Audition Song: "On My Knees"
Age: 19
*Britney said she should be on Broadway. Classifies music as hip hop/pop/R&B
*Judge Verdict: 4 of 4
Crash and Burn by Robyn
Somebody that I Used to Know by Gotye
Paparazzi by Lady Gaga
Rolling in the Deep by Adele

Camila Cabello (PUT INTO A MANUFACTURED GROUP with Ally Brooke Hernandez, Dinah Jane, Lauren Jauregui and Normani Kordei?)~(INTO LIVESHOWS)
Age: 15
Origin: Miami, FL
Skyscraper by Demi Lovato

Dinah Jane (PUT INTO A MANUFACTURED GROUP with Ally Brooke Hernandez, Camila Cabello, Lauren Jauregui and Normani Kordei?)~(INTO LIVESHOWS)
Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: "I'd Rather Go Blind" by Etta James and "If I Were A Boy" by Beyonce
Origin: Santa Ana, CA
Age: 15
*Huge standout. Simon and LA straight up predicted that she would be a finalist.
*Wow. Big range. Also dances, so clearly is attempting the pop starlet route.
*Has over 100K followers on twitter already.
I Have Nothing
Take A Bow by Rihanna
If I Were A Boy by Beyonce

Lauren Jauregui (PUT INTO A MANUFACTURED GROUP with Ally Brooke Hernandez, Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane and Normani Kordei?)~(INTO LIVESHOWS)
Origin: Miami, FL
Age: 16

Normani Kordei (PUT INTO A MANUFACTURED GROUP with Ally Brooke Hernandez, Camila Cabello, Dinah Jane and Lauren Jauregui?)~(INTO LIVESHOWS)
Origin: Atlanta, GA/New Orleans, LA
Age: 16
*Southern Creole affected by the events of Hurricane Katrina in August 2005
*Says she can act, sing, dance, do gymnastics
*Classifies self as pop/R&B/gospel
*Also goes by Normani Hamilton
Best Thing I Never Had by Beyonce
Forget You by Cee Lo Green
This Is Me by Demi Lovato/Do You Remember by Jay Sean

Dope Crisis (LIVESHOWS?)
Origin: NJ/PA
*Seem to originally have been a 4-piece composed of Jesse Stearn (songwriter/recording artist), Elijah Brown (producer), Cheeto Ray (singer/songwriter/dancer) and Gina Cannuscio. However, was a 2-piece of only Jesse Stearn and Eli Brown on X Factor.
*BEP clone? Fly white girl surrounded by a rapper/beatboxer, two other singers/falsetto
Cover of Umbrella by Rihanna
There Goes my Baby by Usher
Pass It to the Left by Swizz Beatz

Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Origin: Huntington Beach, CA
Audition Song: "Sunset Boulevard" their original song
Age: 15-19
*From their facebook: "We do this because we don't know what else to do, In the past few years I feel like we`ve gotten so lost in the sound of music that we couldn't find our way out if we wanted to. Its almost like we`ve reached this enlightened, eternal bond, Like a silent connection shared with and through sound. Its life."- Emblem3
*Classify their music as hip hop/reggae/R&B
*Standout audition. Made up of Drew Chadwick, Wesley Stromberg and Keaton Stromberg.
*Simon Cowell tweeted "In San Francisco--just seen an incredible group. Watch out for them" which Emblem3 retweeted. Likely, it's them. A viewer said that Simon looked like he wanted to sign the group right then.
*Drew did a little bit of pop rap in the song. He's also the rapper of the group, but also plays guitar. Here's some of the lyrics they sang: "I like my women like I like my juice...naked".
*Band. Uses drums, guitar and tenor sax as well. Linkin Park clone?
Their original song done at the auditions, Sunset Boulevard
Sunset Boulevard studio version
Original song, True Friends
This Love by Maroon 5
Chariot by Gavin DeGraw

Origin: New York, NY
*Say they are a dynamic duo fixated on world domination thru music. Composed of Jemelle Joseph and Julien Joseph. East Coast rappers
*Stood out in bootcamp
Life We Live
Uh-Oh feat Wonder

SisterC (CUT?)
Origin: New Braunfels, TX
Audition City: Austin, TX
*Said to be like the Dixie Chicks. All three are sisters.
*Demi said that the second song was better than the first...she loves country music. Britney said that the whole concept of three girls was endearing.
*Made up of three sisters--Cirby, Carli and Chelsi Manchanca (also called TripleC)
*Say they are influenced by Norah Jones, Billie Holliday, Etta James, Corinne Bailey Rae, Ingrid Michaelson and that they grew up with George Strait, Willie Jones, Ray Charles. Say they have a blues/jazz/zydeco/contemporary pop sound. Sounds way more towards country than anything else though.
Hell on Heels by Pistol Annies
Come Together by the Beatles
Originals: Put Down the Violin/Shoulda Coulda Woulda

OVERS: (Mentored by L.A. Reid in Los Angeles; assistant is Justin Bieber)

Daryl Black (CUT?)
Origin: Los Angeles, CA by way of St Louis, MO
Age: 37
*Does Christian/gospel music and says he has a dynamic vocal presence, expresses his passionate faith, and understands matters "more important than the relationship with God"
*Has opened for Kirk Franklin, R Kelly, Prince, among many others; says he has had a successful R&B career early in life
Keep Your Head Up by Andy Grammer
Hold It Against Me by Britney Spears
Are You Ready to Praise the Lord
Mighty To Save

Origin: Maryland via Brazil
Age: 26
*Electropop specialist, but says he has an urban rock sound and even signed to Urban Rock Records.
*Had a car accident in 2006 that nearly left him paralyzed after he fell asleep on the wheel
* Looks like Craig David, says Michael Jackson is an inspiration
Forever (original song)
How to Love by Lil Wayne
Live Your Life

Jason Brock
Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Audition Song: "The Greatest Love of All" by Whitney Houston and "New York State of Mind" by Billy Joel
Age: 34
Origin: San Francisco, CA
*Said to look like a heavyset Adam Lambert but with a charming personality, said to have a very cabaret singing style though
*Works at financial company Intuit, Inc. Says he is a singer, actor, emcee, entertainer, podcaster. Considers himself a jazz/gospel/R&B singer. Says he started listening to gospel music, inspirations are Patti LaBelle, Tina Turner, among others. Adam Brock clone on American Idol?
*Received a standing O; Simon called him "the first male diva", LA Reid said that "his voice was a song's best friend"
Autumn Leaves by CeCe Winans
Friday by Rebecca Black

Tara Lynn Simon (CUT)
Origin: Atlanta, GA
Age: 28
*Says music is pop/rock/soul. Has toured Europe in the Broadway musical fame and studied theater and dance in New York City. Now bills self as Christian recording artist and songwriter. Has a bit of a country tinge and look
Get Back by the Beatles
That's where Mercy Came
Beauty Queen

Tate Stevens
Audition City: Kansas City, KS
Origin: Belton, MO
Age: 37
*Britney said: "You're my favorite so're amazing, and I love you! Holy cow...yes" Got a standing ovation.
*Classifies his music as country, crunk and western swing.
*Auditioned in a cowboy hat and jeans. Said to have a big, smooth classic country voice like George Strait
Everytime I See You
Farewell Party
Redneck Rich

Vino Alan
Origin: Manhattan Beach, CA by way of Dallas, TX and St Louis, MO
Age: 33
*Says he sounds like Anthony Hamilton, Jaheim and Ray LaMontagne. Says his music is indie, R&B, psychedelic and alternative soul
Crystal People feat Vino Alan


A 3-piece girl group
Audition City: Austin, TX
*All three are sisters. Sang pop/R&B.

A 3-piece girl group
Audition City: Kansas City, KS
Audition Song: "Emotions" by Destiny's Child

A couple
Audition City: Kansas City, KS
*Named for the road they lived on

Two guys
Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Origin: HI
*Sang two songs.
*LA said that their second song was better, but thinks they lack artistry, they can sing but sing more as a hobby rather than something they're taking seriously. Demi agrees with that and doesn't know what would set them apart. Simon thinks they're sleepy and hibernating, don't have much ambition. Britney disagrees and was pleasantly surprised and says they have smooth and nice voices. Britney sounds mean, tells them to do a turn.
*Verdict: 3 of 4 (only Demi says no; Simon gives them a yes and tells them to practice, LA thinks they aren't ready but thinks they could get there, so gives them a yes)

Two twins
Audition City: Austin, TX
*Demi said she was horny for them and said yes because they were good looking, Britney said she wished that they could wake her up in the morning.

Three guys
Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Audition Song: ???? and "Harder to Breathe" by Maroon 5
*Verdict: 3 of 4 (LA said they rocked for their second songs, Britney loved them and loved their choreography; Demi is torn because the second song is a lot better, but was wondering if their vocals were up to par; Simon said they came over as a band that had past success but tried to re-form itself to relive the past success, and doesn't believe in their future. LA then says he's torn, Demi says yes and is willing to give them a short, Britney was yes, Simon says no and doesn't want their future to be in his hands, LA then says based on the second performance and the fifth judge--the audience--he changes his no to a yes)
*Britney was said to have danced to their version of the song
*Group said they wanted to show their originality and rapping skills.

Three Nicki Minaj look-alikes
Audition City: Greensboro, NC
*Described as a sassy girl group, Simon gave them another chance and they made it through

Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Origin: Florida

Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Audition Song: "Somebody To Love" by Queen and "Tomorrow" by Annie
Age: 12
*Wore ponytails, a sparkly outfit, had a perky attitude. Simon groaned at the Annie song choice at first, but after the first song LA wanted her to sing "Tomorrow" and she sang a "sugary sweet" version of it. Afterwards, the contestants' family and friends (about 25 of them) were directed to swarm the stage, and then the girl's entourage came out to hug the judges (described as over the top and corny)

Audition City: Austin, TX
Age: 14
*Demi thought he had a great voice and tone, but wondered about place in industry and what made him special. Britney thought he was great and thought he could be bigger than the next Bieber...said runs were amazing, but presentation needed work.

Audition City: Kansas City, KS
*Girl was originally part of a father-daughter group, but split up by judges as they only wanted to vote her through.

Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Audition Song: "The Power of Love" by Celine Dion and "Halo" by Beyonce

Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Age: 26
*Initially auditioned while Demi was at break, so she missed the audition. Initially, Britney said yes and LA and Simon said no, but the audience wanted a re-audition with all four judges sitting at the table. After the second audition, Demi said yes and Simon changed his vote to a yes, and she was let through.

Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Audition Song: "Not Over You" by Gavin DeGraw
Age: 29
*Influences include Stevie Wonder, Ryan Tedder; Britney likes his pants and glasses. Says he's been trying to pursue his music independently, showcased for labels.

Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Audition Song: "Stereo Hearts" by Gym Class Heroes feat Adam Levine
Age: 37
*Judges liked his singing more than his rapping. Simon said that he had one of the best voices he ever heard, while Demi said that he sounded like a R&B version of Michael Buble.

Audition City: Providence, RI
*Judge Verdict: 3 of 4 (Demi said that he sounds better with country. Britney says no, LA and Simon say yes, and Demi says that she will give him another chance and he will need to impress next time)

Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: "Hold It Against Me" by Britney Spears
*Britney liked his emotional rendition, gave him a yes.
*Matt Cardle clone?

Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: "Boyfriend" by Justin Bieber
*Said to have swag.

Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen
*Said Britney was her Idol, said her style was country pop

Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: "One Thing" by One Direction
Age: 13

Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
Age: 25
*Carried a teddy bear for her audition, Demi was said to feel violated by it.

Audition City: Providence, RI
*Britney told her that she thought she would be a joke but she was really good. She said that she played her boombox at a grocery store and some people looked at her strange.
*A female hip hop type/rapper

Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: "Where You Are" by Jessie J
Age: 13
*Britney said that she wasn't expecting that voice to come out of that small body, Simon was so surprised he requested her to sing again. Audience members said that she sounded like a pitch perfect adult

Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Audition Song: "Something To Talk About" by Bonnie Raitt
*Said "I'm fine, now that I'm on stage, and not sweatin' like a sinner in church"; said to have a spunky Southern charm
*Britney was bobbing and clapping to the song, said she was charming, funky and soulful

Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Audition Song: "Halo" by Beyonce
*Black guy who says he had over 60K views in his youtube

Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Origin: Dayton, OH
Age: 22
*Does carpentry work with his father; which Demi said, "Oh my god, just like Jesus!" to

Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Origin: Baltimore, MD
Age: 16
*Said God gave him a gift

Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Simon: I like your image, taste, you look very current; Britney: feel like you're a star; LA: You're exactly what I'm looking for. From the moment you walked to the stage I had a came have that rock star thing/attitude. Demi: Very few people I really remember and you're going to be one of them. You're super talented and you also have that X Factor we're looking for.

Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Age: 14
*Simon compared her to Leona Lewis, said she was amazing

Audition City: Greensboro, NC
*Guy's grandmother is Ray Charles' daughter.

24/7 (CUT)
Origin: Milwaukee, WI
Age: 16
*2-piece made up of Jalen Romell Scott and Caleb Kaminski.
Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
Good Ones Go by Drake

Abi McCaulley
Audition City: Kansas City, KS
*Had a song called "I Wanna Be a Popstar"

A'donna Bowen-Williams
Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Audition Song: "Where Do Broken Hearts Go" by Whitney Houston
Origin: Birmingham, AL
Age: 44
*Grew up in a family of gospel singers and musicians; appears to sing inspirational church music
Jesus Will Never Fail, I Feel Good, Worthy
He Cares

AJ Young and Ay-MusiK (CUT)
Audition City: Kansas City, KS
*Ay-MusiK is a rapper, sounds a bit like Shwayze. AJ Young calls himself "the black John Mayer" and plays both guitar and piano (actually sounds like Mayer too, from video below). Singing/rapping duo.
*Judge Verdict: 3 of 4
Say Hey by Ay-MusiK
How to Deal by AJ Young
Too Late To Apologize Ay-MusiK feat AJ Young (rips off OneRepublic's Apologize, and has rapping)

Audition City: Kansas City, KS
*Said to be a handsome black kid with a voice of warm silk.

Alissa Nappa
Age: 17
*Calls self singer/songwriter. Toured in Japan, had an EP called "Brand New Day"
*Is a worship leader for youth groups
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas

Alyssa LaFlair (CUT)
Origin: Bardstown, KY
*Country singer; wields a guitar
*Seems to like Taylor Swift sweater song lyrics
Because of You (Original)
Mean by Taylor Swift
Found You Baby (Original)

Alyssa Rae Hanley
Origin: Boston, MA
*Pop star look and sound. Not averse to autotune and reverb
Run Amok, Heartbent

Amber Lily (CUT)
Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Audition Song: "Starships" by Nicki Minaj
Origin: San Ramon, CA
Age: 15
*Was in Radio Disney's "Next Big Thing". Clearly wants to be a popstar, makes music videos for herself, uses autotune. She also raps in addition to the singing.
*Her audition made use of the entire stage. Rapped the parts of "Starships" as well as she ran from end to end.
*Judge Verdict: 4 of 4 (LA: The crowd really likes you. Says you were prepared, professional, lovable, thinks she is a pop star. Britney: Stage presence really good, see competitive streak in her that is cool. Demi: Gave it your all...refreshing to see someone who's been on stage in years. Stage presence is amazing, great performer. She really wants to mentor her because she also runs around on stage. Simon: 15 years old've come along at a great time. Thinks there's a big gap in the market for someone who won't stand static behind the mike...can dance and perform. You were out of breath running around, but you're the type of person producers want to make records with. Gives a big fat yes)
Right By My Side by Nicki Minaj feat Chris Brown
Cover of Young Homie by Chris Rene
Don't Know What To Do (music video for original song)
Acoustic version of "Next To You"
2 2 2 L8 (Warning: heavy autotune)

Andrew Percario
Audition City: Providence, RI
Origin: Warren, NJ
*Wields a guitar, but seems to team up with rappers (brother is a rapper)
Never Back Down

Ariana Nova
Age: 24
Singing Coldplay's Fix You

Ashley Graffam aka Ms Graffic (CUT?)
Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: Original rap and "Stereo Hearts" by Gym Class Heroes
Origin: Malden, MA
Age: 25
*School nurse by day, blonde female rapper by night.
*Said that was her first time singing, said she's willing to work hard
*Said her stage name was Ms Graffic
*Did both the singing and the rapping for the Stereo Hearts song
*Judge Verdict: 4 of 4 (Simon loved the incredible energy about her, loved the tone of your voice, loved the tone when she rapped/singed, and said she was a package pop star, million percent yes. LA Reid said he didn't get it. Britney said that she felt the rap, even though LA mentioned that she did not like rap. Demi said she was surprised, with her blonde curly hair and being a school nurse, but said she had great lyrics and vocal flow, but said she perhaps needed a vocal coach)
*There were some comparisons to Cher Lloyd by observers
Touch the Sky by Biagio feat Ms Graffic

Before You Exit (CUT?)
Audition City: Austin, TX
Audition Song: "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction and "Grenade" by Bruno Mars
Ages: 16-18
From their official website: Before You Exit, made up of brothers Connor McDonough (vocals/guitar), Riley McDonough (vocals/bass), Thomas Silvers (drums/backing vocals), Braiden Wood (guitar/backing vocals) 
*They have added a fifth guy to their group for their audition, another brother, Tony McDonough. Seem to be going for the Hot Chelle Rae/Jonas Brothers sort of sound.
Judge Verdict: 3 of 4 (LA Reid accused of them of trying to imitate One Direction, Demi Lovato was the only judge to say no, she said that two of the members weren't pulling their weight )
What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction
Grenade by Bruno Mars
End of The World (original song)

Ben Westphal (CUT)
Origin: St Peter, MN
*WGWG, Tim Urban style. Has released an EP before (see original songs below)
Dynamite by Taio Cruz (for Tyler Ward USA Live Lounge)
Hard (A Brighter Day)--original song
I Do It For You

Bethly Cruz
Origin: Providence, RI
Age: 17

Billy Demardrick Allen (CUT)
Age: 22
Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Origin: Birmingham, AL
*Sean Kingston clone?
The person on the left in this picture

Blaire Gagne
Age: 18
Origin: NH
Still in Love by Girlicious

Origin: Atlanta, GA via VA
*3 piece--call themselves an electropop/R&B group; have done performances internationally
*Say they continue to blaze the trail of previously successful girl groups such as TLC and Destiny's Child
*Harmonizes, dances, sings
*On their websiteThe word “Bliss”, in its conventional state, is defined as supreme happiness, heaven, or paradise.  In its edgy and exciting state, it is joined by impeccable harmonies, glossy style, hypnotic movement and people appeal, to define the entertainment industry’s newest powerhouse trio.
*Made up of Alexis "Lex" Branch, Felicia "Cali" White and Taryn Moody
Throw I Up (original music video)
You Vs Them
Singing acapella at 4 AM in the morning

The Boyle Brothers (CUT)
Audition City: Kansas City, KS
Origin: Claremore, OK
*Made of Jacob, Jesse, Jared and Jeffrey Boyle
*Characterized as a country boyband with four blonde Justin Bieber look-alikes; they say they are in Nashville honing their songwriting skills. Wields guitars. Two of them are 19-year old twins.
*Says they sound like The Fray, Kings of Leon, Rascal Flatts, The Script
*Not sure if this was the group that was put through due to crowd pressure.
Ages: 16-20
Obligatory What Makes You Beautiful Cover
Obligatory Cover of Wonderwall by Oasis
At least there's good taste in music: Cover of Toto's Africa
Bring It On Home by Little Big Town

Briana Wright(CUT)
Origin: Tulsa, OK
Chasing Pavements cover, among others
Grenade by Bruno Mars

Caleb Bigler
Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Origin: Ventura, CA
Age: 16
*Demi thought he was a great performer, says it's rare for a 16-year old to show that confidence. Britney said stage presence sold him, has something unique about him. Simon says it starts with stage presence, minute he walked on, said he could be a pop star, then he sang, 100% right. Likes that he's cheeky, fun, likes voice, song choices, commercial, what they're looking for. LA says presence is amazing, says X Factor is a package, with the right decisions, thinks he won and did a great job. Simon says if it doesn't work out for him as a solo artist, can see him as a group--right age, right attitude.
*Judge Verdict: 4 of 4 (Simon says he'll remember him)
I Don't Want To Be
I'm Yours by Jason Mraz

Cameron Armstrong (CUT)
Age: 17
Mad by Ne-Yo
No Air by Jordin Sparks/Chris Brown
God Bless the Broken Road by Rascal Flatts

Capri (real name is Erica)
Audition City: Kansas City, KS
Origin: Pocomoke City, MD
Audition Song: "Get It" her own original song
Age: 26
*Rapper chick. Supposedly brought down the house. Louis Walsh said the word "swaggie" to refer to her.
*Masters in Film Production. Nickname is Capri because she drank a lot of Capri Sun as a kid.
*Seems like a slow jam rapper.
Delmarva's Got Talent finals
Up by Wiz Khalifa feat Capri
Thrown and Twisted

Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Age: 20
*Simon and LA tell her to stay away from the karaoke bars, tells her she has something very special. Simon tells her needs to shrug all the phrasing off, needs to be original. Britney sees the whole package--thinks she can do concerts, albums, photoshoots, can do everything. LA says she has a nice face, great voice, would love to work with her. Demi says she sang the first song better than Kelly Clarkson, thinks she's a powerful vocalist.

Charlotte Embry
Audition City: Kansas City, KS
Origin: Raytown, MO
Audition Song: "Natural Woman" by Aretha Franklin
Age: 43
Judge Verdict: 4 of 4 (Demi: It's voices like yours to make me want to sing...I'm going to remember you. Louis: People like you who sing their heart out, people like you who have never gotten a break, you so deserve it. I think we found an amazing recording artist like Patti LaBelle and Aretha. LA: Wanted to hate the song...thought it was predictable, but I'm nobody's fool, it's a yes...but you were mesmerizing)

Chris Scott
Audition City: Greensboro, NC
*Said to have brought the house down; wasn't a great singer, but won over Simon

Christy Lee Gasper (CUT)
Audition City: Kansas City, KS
Origin: MI
Age: 16
*Got very good reviews. Said to have a voice similar to Adele. Youtubes show a voice that's actually quite similar to AI8's Megan Joy.
Valerie by Amy Winehouse

Citizen (CUT)
Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Audition Song: "In My Head" by Jason DeRulo
Age: 25
*Made up of Parker Wright, Russel Francis, Kelechi Akalu, Patrick Hartigan and Calvin Seabrooks.
*Members appear to have once been part of Jet5et, but split up before their initial auditions and formed Citizen?
*Call themselves an male R&B/pop group. Wright beatboxes, acts, voiceovers and models. Definitely have the boyband mannerisms and look.
Don't Let Go by En Vogue
Perfect by P!nk

Audition City: Kansas City, KS

Danny Falco (CUT?)
Audition City: Providence, RI
Origin: Harmony, RI
Age: 18
*He's now part of a boy band called Kik-It, but he auditioned on his own. Maybe he's hoping to be put into a manufactured boy band?
Boyband song, as part of Kik-It
From VFTW, auditioned Season 9, singing "You Found Me"
On The Way Down by Ryan Cabrera
Chariot by Gavin DeGraw

David Kroll
Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Audition Song: "Little Soldiers" his original song
Origin: Nashville, TN
Age: 26
*Considers himself a country music singer/songwriter; says he sounds like Tim McGraw, Billy Currington, George Strait, Blake Shelton
*Amazed the judges with his song
The song at the audition: Little Soldiers
When the Beer Starts Kickin' In
Opening for country singer Chris Young

Dawson Ebanks (sp?)
Audition City: Austin, TX
Audition Song: "Hell on Heels" by Pistol Annies
Age: 14
*Calls herself a tomboy.

Deborah Diaz
Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston
Origin: Worcester, MA
*Said to be a contender. Received two standing ovations. Demi seemed to throw shade on the performance though

Elevate: On the Rise
Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Origin: Berkeley, CA
Audition Song: "Skyscraper" by Demi Lovato and "On Bended Knee" by Boyz II Men
*Predominantly Asian 6-piece; UC Berkeley's first male acapella R&B group
*Britney thought that they totally rocked it, liked that they had ethnics and interesting choreography.
Angel of Mine
DJ Got Us Falling In Love
A Song For Mama

Emma Avila
Age: 14
Audition: Greensboro, NC
Origin: Freeland, MD
*Wields a guitar
Don't You Remember (Adele), Girl With One Eye (Florence & The Machine), Sunday Morning (Maroon 5)
If I Die Young by The Band Perry
Thinking of You by Katy Perry

Felicia Willis
Audition City: Austin, TX
Origin: Miami, FL
Audition Song: "What Makes You Beautiful" by One Direction
*Judge Verdict: 4 of 4 (Demi told her she should stick to the rapping)
*She rapped to the song, here's the rap lyrics:
"You don't know that you're beautiful but with the depth of your ___ I can see your soul
LA Reid I love the work that you do I know so much talent's been discovered because of you
And  in your glasses you look so fierce
But nothing can compare to the work of Britney Spears
She's my idol, ___ but so much more
But I'm ready for a dance you can meet me on the flow
Like a skyscraper Demi stands tall
From Camp Rock to Disney she studied all
But now it's time I made my mark
I'm Felicia Willis and this is where my story starts"
Mashup of Rolling in the Deep by Adele/Look at Me Now by Chris Brown feat Lil Wayne/Busta Rhymes

Freddie Combs
*Youth pastor with a music education in college.
This could be him: ????
Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Audition Song: "Wind Beneath My Wings" by Bette Midler
Origin: Oak Ridge, TN
Age: 43
*Divorced father and construction worker; entered the stage in a wheelchair, said at one point he weighed over 900 pounds and almost lost his life because of it; due to that, he was on disability, became a full time minister, and he had gotten to 500 lbs
*Standout; Simon wanted to help him attain his goal
Care Center of Red Bay

Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: A Spanish song and "Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word" by Elton John
*Simon told him to calm down after the first song.

Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Origin: Lancaster, PA
Age: 12-16
*Are three brothers (Jaden, Riley, and Spencer Bria) and their buddy Kevin Salders. Riley is their lead vocalist and guitarist, Jaden drums, Spencer bass guitar, Kevin rhythm guitar. Say they are a country band with a rock edge. Have been a group for two years
*Have an acapella style of singing
*Barely made it to the next round
Seven Bridges Road by the Eagles
Summer of '69 by Bryan Adams
Long Way Down by the Goo Goo Dolls
Live Laugh and Love original song
In the News: Working in a production house in Nashville

Jacob Whitesides (CUT)
Audition: Greensboro, NC
Origin: Knoxville, TN
Age: 14
*Calls himself a singer/songwriter. Heavily dependent on a guitar and has a tendency to acoustic-ize all his songs. Has a pretty good sized twitter following (over 60K followers)
One Thing by One Direction
Glad You Came by The Wanted
Breakeven by The Script

Jada Harper
Audition City: Kansas City, KS
Origin: Kansas City, KS
Age: 12
Audition Song: "And I Am Telling You" by Jennifer Holliday
*Judge Verdict: 4 of 4
*Standout performer. Britney said that she didn't believe that this girl was real. Her whole family rushed the stage after the verdict.
*Said she would use the $5mil prize to take care of her family so they would not be homeless. Rachel Crow clone?
*Said to have a voice that filled the entire arena like "Jessica Sanchez never could". Was said to be adorable, articulate and polite.
National Anthem
I Have Nothing
Thank You by Ashanti
Crew Love by Drake

Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Origin: NC
Audition Song: "Drunk On You" by Luke Bryan
*Sherlock Holmes look alike. Simon said he was extraordinary, LA Reid said he could win it all. Standing O.

Jake Garza (CUT)
Audition City: Austin, TX
Age: 12
Audition Song: "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias

Jay Shane (CUT)
Origin: Sacramento, CA

Jeff Huston (CUT)
Origin: Hollywood, CA
*R&B singer
Shot For Me by Drake
Sure Thing by Miguel

Jeffrey Adam ???
Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Origin: Detroit, MI
Age: 36
Audition Song: "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen
*WGWG; Simon was floored and said it was one of the best renditions of the songs he's ever heard

Audition City: Austin, TX
*Sang R&B, she was said to be hilarious.

Jessica Espinoza
Audition City: Austin, TX
Origin: San Antonio, TX
Age: 22
*Had ripped jeans, bright red hair--punk style that reminded of Allison Iraheta
*Received a standing ovation; Simon might have referred to her as the winner
*Characterizes her music as dance, pop, R&B and Latin music. But seems to like zombies, psychobilly, funk music as well (seen in second video); started off as child performer (see third video)
*A bit of a youtube sensation. Has over 7 million views
*Warm up guy kept repeating her name and kept encouraging tweeting about her
If I Ain't Got You
Singing Creatures of the Night by Creepshow
Singing I Will Always Love You at age 15
Singing Bleeding Love

Jessica Sharpe
Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Audition Song: "Put Your Records On" by Corinne Bailey Rae
Origin: Greensboro, NC
Age: 23
*Judge Verdict: 4 of 4 (Britney and Demi were into this audition, Britney liked how raspy and sexy her voice was and said her stage presence was adorable. Simon said she could be special and she is likeable, Demi said she was likeable and said that she reminded her of Kelly Clarkson--a country blues sort of voice (Demi admitted she was obsessed with Kelly))
*A singer from Jaxon Jill, a classic rock band, from the Piedmont, NC area. Throwback sound. They cover AC/DC, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Journey, Pat Benatar, and Heart, among others.
*One of her inspirations is Joss Stone
I Can't Make You Love Me by Bonnie Raitt
People Get Ready
You Had Me by Joss Stone

Jet5et (CUT)
Audition Song: "In My Head" by Jason DeRulo
Origin: Los Angeles, CA
*Pop culture fanatics
*Appears to have been affiliated with Citizen, but did they split into two groups?
*Boyband made up of Michael Dunn, Quinton Marcel, JC Gonzalez and Tedrick Kelly.

Jioan Parsons
Age: 17
*Contestant on 106&Park Talent Scout Tour
*Protege of R&B artist TrellBZ
Crazy Love by Brian McKnight
Try a Little Tenderness (Chris Brown version)

Jordan Chandler Hill (CUT)
Audition City: Kansas City, KS
Audition Song: "Hero" by Enrique Iglesias
Origin: Grand View, ID
Age: 18
*Described as a farmboy who plays football
Superhuman by Chris Brown
It Girl by Jason DeRulo
Drunk On You by Luke Bryan

Joseph Dellamadio
Audition City: Providence, RI
Origin: Yonkers, NY
Age: 39
*Britney thought his voice was amazing.

Julia Bullock (CUT)
Origin: Charlotte, NC
*Sings for a band called The Local Traumatic. Has a sound that isn't too unlike Hayley Williams of Paramore
Message In a Bottle by The Police
Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen

Audition City: San Francisco, CA
*From her myspace: Kedash blends the lyrical creativity of a Beyonce Knowles with the smooth, crisp delivery of a Whitney Houston along with raw hip-hop, feel the emotion style of a Mary J Blige
*Says she sounds like Mary J Blige, Ciara and Rihanna
Myspace: Has songs I'm in Luv Wit a Gangsta, You Did Me Wrong

Kelsey Nord (CUT)
Audition City: Kansas City, KS
Origin: Omaha, NE
*Originally auditioned as a duo with a guy, but she was determined to have the stronger voice: she made it as a solo artist. Guy seemed to have a crush on her.
*Was on national TV for America's Got Talent
*Calls herself a fresh face for the indie market, has personal introspective lyrics
Sky Blue, Let Go, Beautiful Lie
Let Go (official music video)

Kevontay Jackson
Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Origin: Los Angeles, CA via Sacramento, CA
Age: 31
Audition Song: ???? and "Higher Ground" by Stevie Wonder
*Said he was originally in a band and now ready to pursue a solo career. At first, only Simon and Britney said yes, but the audience wanted to bring him back and he sang his second song, causing LA Reid to change his mind, and got through.
*Was once in the R&B/hip hop group 3rd Storee where he went as Kevontay. 3rd Storee was with Island/Def Jam Music Group, so LA Reid could be acquainted with this one?
Get with Me by 3rd Storee with Joe Budden
If Ever by 3rd Storee
More recent work, Beachhouse Mixtape

Kids with Dreamz
Audition City: Austin, TX
*A group of 4 rappers; also called KWD, or Kiwidre for abbreviations
*4 piece made up of Kavius Reynolds, Alex "Topic" Holdbrook, Tyler English, and Deavante "4.0" Jernigan. Were compared to four Astros by an observer
*Judge Verdict: 4 of 4
*LA Reid and Britney Spears gave them a standing ovation, Britney was dancing along to their audition.
Polk Got Swag

Kristina Corbett
Audition City: Providence, RI
Origin: Wantagh, NY
Age: 22

Laura Lombardi
Origin: Los Angeles, CA

Laydi Jai
Origin: Chattanooga, TN
Age: 15-18
*3 piece young girl group made up of Jesselinna Hemphill, Jaquesha and Janita Hemphill. Say their inspirations are Michael Jackson, Prince, Beyonce and Rihanna. Will dance.
Down to Earth

L3vel (CUT)
Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: "Jar of Hearts" by Christina Perri
Age: 20-23
*Made up of Michael Pittman, Matthew Francis and Matthew Carlin
*All three were seen in Season 3 of the Sing-Off with the University of Rochester Yellow Jackets ; branched off into a three-piece boyband
*Britney said they improved from their audition yesterday. Demi also didn't like it, and now she said that they deserved a big fat yes. Described as a cute boyband.
*Verdict: 4 of 4 (LA says that he really likes them as people, did everything he wanted them to do, Demi said that their goal was to show them they could take direction, and said she was impressed with their improvement over 24 hours, and impressed by their attitudes, and said they were awesome, and then said she nailed their song, Britney said they did a 180? from yesterday and that their effort showed, Simon agrees with LA)

Lydia Caesar
Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Audition Song: "St. Louis" her own original song
Origin: Queens, NY
*Says that "she can sing without the vocal tricks and studio manipulation". Says music is soulful and edgy with energetic guitar riffs, intense drums and colorful hooks
*Rihanna-like? Has Jamaican and St Lucian roots
*Said to have brought the house down
Original song called Lottery

Macy Kate (or Macy Marshburn)
Audition City: Kansas City, KS
Audition Song: "Put Your Records On" by Corinne Bailey Rae
Origin: FL
Age: 14
*Said she was the best of Kansas City.
*Did the American Idol Experience.
*Calls herself a singer-songwriter-producer-dancer-pianist.
The Voice Within by Christina Aguilera
I Need This by Jessie J
Mr Know It All by Kelly Clarkson

Madison, Hunter and Larsen Sigmon (CUT)
Age: all 16 (triplet girls)
Origin: Denton, NC
*Basketball players, singers, dancers
Basketball article

Manny Acosta
Origin: Brooklyn, NY
Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: "Hold It Against Me" by Britney Spears
Age: 26
*Emotional rendition of the song; wore a Matt Cardle cap to his audition
*Calls self international performing artist/songwriter
Live at Brooklyn
Another club song

Matt Easton (CUT)
Origin: Lawrence, KS via Chicago, IL
*Calls himself artist/producer/chiller
*Has produced three mixtapes, says he's one of hip hop's most coveted young acts
*Asher Roth clone. Good beats. Positive vibe rapper
Feelin' Good (All The Time)
Live Life

Matthew J Allivato (CUT)
Origin: Winston-Salem, NC
*WGWG. Ben Folds clone? Will go for slight falses.
The Spinning
The Level
Sad, Sad Sorrow

Megan "MugZy" McCauley
Audition City: Austin, TX
Audition Song: "Be My Husband" by Nina Simone
Origin: Hollywood, CA via Cleveland, OH
Age: 24
*Demi said that she looked like P!nk, Britney told her to rock on, Simon Cowell praised her
*Planty, has released a 5-6 CDs since 1997, signed to Wind-Up Records, had songs in the Elektra and Fantastic Four soundtrack
*Wore a leopard top to her audition
*Seems to sing edgy punk rock, not too unlike Paramore, says an influence is Janis Joplin
Cover of Someone Like You by Adele
Cover of Forget You by Cee Lo Green

Me vs Gravity (CUT?)
Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: "Down" by Jay Sean
Origin: Boston, MA (but band members from Ohio, Maryland, California and New Jersey)
*Composed of Zach Nelson (vocals/guitar), Dave Colicchio (guitar), Jeff Kinsey (bass), Ben Meyers (drums)
*Say they sound like My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds To Mars, Angels and Airwaves, All Time Low and Paramore (or alternative emo pop rock)
*All four went to the Berklee College of Music
*Judge Verdict: 4 of 4
Walls (original song)
Payphone by Maroon 5
Down by Jay Sean
Replay by Iyaz
Mash-up of In My Head (Jason DeRulo), Break Your Heart (Taio Cruz), and Pumped Up Kicks (Foster the People)
Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift feat the Civil Wars

Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Audition Song: "Don't Stop the Music' by Yarbrough & Peoples and "Let's Stay Together" by Al Green
Age: 40
*Kids died in an accidental fire caused by another family member.
*Did a second song, which Simon said was better and was more her. Feels bad for her story, said first song didn't work, but second song could hear her voice. Tells her to calm down...thinks they could help her. LA said it came off as comedy at first, but when the music stopped, you calmed down...we discovered you can sing. Demi said her mind changed with the last song.
*She actually said this: "I am not Beyonce, I am beyond what you say!"
*Verdict: 3 of 4 (LA thinks she needs more practice, says no; Britney says no at first; Simon says yes, trusts her and thinks the show can help her; Demi says yes--LA basically asks Britney to change her vote and she does)

Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: "Come Fly With Me" by Frank Sinatra
Age: 16
*Standout audition. Some audience members thought he was the next Sinatra.

Nick Luebke (CUT?)
Origin: Madison, WI
Age: 22
*White pop rapper.
*Might have been this guy:

Lights Out feat B'Ezee
Paradise by Coldplay (hip hop remix)
Call Me Maybe (hip hop remix)~over 400K views

Nyk VonCole (CUT)
Origin: Houston, TX
*Classifies herself as R&B/pop. Teamed up with Houston production team the Androids. Was a part of several girl groups in the past. Will dance.
How Does It Feel
I'm Single by Lil Wayne

Panda Ross
Audition City: Austin, TX
Origin: Dallas, TX via Hobbs, NM
Age: 41
Special Song
Bring It On Home by Sam Cooke

Pants Velour (CUT)
Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: "Dirt Road Anthem" by Jason Aldean
Origin: New York City, NY
Age: 27-30
*Was a 3-piece in the auditions, made up of Josh Raff (MC), Niki Darling (Vocals) and Eli Northrup (Hype) as stated in their website. Also have guitar, keys, bass and drums in their arrangements.
*Originally from Cornell University before relocating to New York City. Say they fuse hip hop, rock and soul sensibilities to form a sound that is likened to the Beastie Boys, The Roots and The Black Eyed Peas. They say they are "party-ready hip hop".
*Sounds like Alicia Keys (even all the way back to the Cornell background) with white rappers.
*Have been a group for 2.5 years
*Of course, rapped Jason Aldean's part as well.
*Verdict: 4 of 4 (Demi says Niki has an incredible stage voice and has a good style, but she was confused that they said were influenced by BEP and then did a country song, and she was confused about Eli's role. She says that the longer she sits there it makes more sense, thinks they are great entertainers. Britney thinks they are a little confused with their direction but thinks they are in the right path. Simon was confused, wondered who were the's but thinks that Niki delivered like the Fergie in BEP...he thinks the confusion in the direction is what makes it work, thought it was unique, and thought that Eli had so much personality and makes it work. LA wasn't confused at all and thought it was absolutely spectacular, thought Niki had something despite not using her upper range).
Trapeze (Original Song)
Singing Empire State Of Mind
They have a video that has over 500K views about Charlie Sheen: Always Winning (Black and Yellow Remix)

Quatrel'e Da'an (CUT)
Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Audition Song: "Material Girl" by Madonna and "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga
Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Age: 21
*Was perceived as a joke audition, but still made it through.
*LA asked him to rate himself on a scale of 1 to 10, Simon said if you imagined, Madonna, Bobby Brown, and Dracula had a child, it would be you--it was like something out of a zombie movie--but in a weird way, I quite liked you"
With Your Love by Cher Lloyd

*Says she lives for hip hop and wants to revive the culture of female MCs. She was featured in BET, VH1 and MTV.
Victory Lap
International Tastemakers

Rizzloe Jones (CUT?)
Audition City: Kansas City, KS
Origin: Mission, KS
Audition Song: Original freestyle (namedrops himself, "said this was his next chapter, call me what...The X Factor", also says "he's fresher than toothpaste"; also namedrops Pepsi, says "oops I did it again" as part of his lyrics)
Age: 18
*Said to be a standout/fan favorite. A white freestyle rapper. Eminem? Interesting, and actually impressive. Remember this? Reminds me of that (even features Simon Cowell!)
*Verdict: 4 of 4
*LA liked his flow, said he admired how brave he was to stand and do that, said it was really good. Louis said to remember his name, said he lit up the room, said he's confident, and said he looked like a pop star. Demi started rapping. Britney called him a young Vanilla Ice, said she totally surprised her--thought he was going to sing country. Family rushed stage after verdict.
Freestyle rap
More freestyle (says Justin Bieber's got nothing on him)
Secular vs Freestyle rap
Youtube Channel

RoXxy Montana(CUT)
Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Origin: Los Angeles, CA via New York City, NY and Detroit, MI
*One of their singers is called Esther Silver and their lead singer is Roxxy Montana
*3-group sister act; part of the Stereotypes team that had connections to Justin Bieber, Far East Movement, Chris Brown
*Standout; Simon loved this group
Cover of How To Love by Lil Wayne

Saane D
*Full name is Ilaisaane Nau Dakunivosa
Age: 24

Sade Harper (CUT?)
Origin: Lancaster, CA
Age: 22
*Works for Power106 at Los Angeles. Calls herself singer/rapper/writer/dancer

Shelby Lynn
Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Audition Song: "Gunpowder and Lead" by Miranda Lambert and "A Little Bit Stronger" by Sara Evans
Origin: Knightdale, NC
Age: 17
*Plays open mics, wields a guitar, songwriter. Will strain for notes she can't hit.
*Verdict: 4 of 4 (Simon wanted to hear her voice clearer without a track. Thought she was nervous, mouth dry, etc, likes her because she's a bit of a rebel. Not the best vocal he's heard. Demi thinks she's super funny, great personality, not greatest singer, but like to hear her again. Britney felt she was a little off because she was nervous, but says she has a lot of work to do. LA loves spunky attitude, vocally needs a little work)
*Has bipolar disorder as revealed by American Idol
Just A Kiss by Lady Antebellum
Forever and Always by Taylor Swift
Nothing by The Script

Skyler (CUT)
Audition City: Providence, RI
Origin: York, ME
Age: 21
Audition Song: "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen and "Barefoot Blue Jean Night" by Jake Owen
*Says he's touring and always singing. Plays guitar and piano. Did over 300 gigs and spent a year at the Berklee College of Music.
*Is part of his band called "The Band of Thieves" where three others do guitar, backing vocals, keyboards.
*Sounds like a country Tim Urban.
*Simon: Thinks it was a great choice of song, says he's identified the market--that there is a big pop thing going on right now. Says he isn't in lacking in confidence. Says he needs to focus on vocals, says he was concentrating on the performance instead. But likes his ambition. Demi: Wasn't blown away, was torn, was a little bored, but said he had great confidence. Britney: Says he needs a little more vocal training to keep up with his stage presence. LA: Said that he had the right emotion, and he's looking for that. Great song choice, said he looked comfortable. Simon asks him to sing country now and does the Jake Owen song.
Animal by Neon Trees
Barefoot Blue Jean Night by Jake Owen
This Dream (Nashville)

Sophie Bean
Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: "Landslide" by Fleetwood Mac
Age: 13

Sophie Simmons (CUT)
Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Audition Song: "And I Am Telling You" by Jennifer Holliday and "To Make You Feel My Love" by Adele
Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Age: 19
*Daughter of KISS frontman Gene Simmons, she said she wanted to be treated like a regular human being and not the offspring of some rock god.
*First song was supposedly different from what the judges expected, asked her to sing the second song.
*Judge Verdict: 4 of 4 (Demi said the second song was way better than the first song, tells her to control her voice and her pitch; thinks that she can listen to her second song while taking a bath; LA says he didn't get the chillbumps that he wanted to get, said she was good not great; Britney said she had a strong voice, thought that her choice of songs weren't as good at the beginning; Simon likes that she made her own decisions--supposedly 4 yeses, Gene came onto the stage).
Take Me Away from Gene Simmons Family Jewels
Singing At Last at her parents' wedding

Taralyn Ramsey
Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Origin: Melbourne, FL
Audition Song: "I Run To You" by Whitney Houston
Age: 33
*Sung acapella
*Auditioned for the Voice Season 1 and was shown relatively extensively, she got Christina and Cee-Lo to turn their chairs around
*Has had several studio albums and was the winner of VH1's "Born To Diva"
*Verdict: 4 of 4 (Britney and Demi gave her a standing ovation. Britney told her that she was the reason they had this show and why they were here right now, said she was flawless. Simon said she was amazing/couldn't believe why she hadn't been discovered/but had a few concerns about her image and that she looked old-fashioned (to which Taralyn said we could do whatever but absolutely I am a church girl) but still it was an easy yes, LA said she was cut from the same cloth as Whitney and Mariah--the world should have known about you a long time ago, Demi said she has one of the best voices I've ever heard my entire life, sense the emotion behind the words you're saying)
Singing Breathe by Faith Hill in initial "The Voice" audition
More "The Voice "footage" for singing battle with Frenchie Davis
Baby U Know feat Murphy Lee
Don't Be Weary

Talia Shalom
Audition City: Greensboro, NC
Origin: NC
Audition Song: "Titanium" by David Guetta feat Sia
Age: 13-14?

Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: "My Girl" by The Temptations
Age: 26
*Observers thought that he was cheesy and came across as a wedding singer, had crowd on feet though
*Verdict: 3 of 4 (initially 2 of 4, but LA changed his mind after consulting the crowd; Britney said no; Simon thought his voice was perfect for the song, Demi thought he killed it, Britney said no)

Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: "You'll Never Walk Alone" from Carousel and "The Greatest Love of All" by Whitney Houston
Origin: Freehold, NJ
Age: 15
*Simon said she was old fashioned and didn't like that her mom chose the first song for her; observers mentioned that she was pageanty in her second song
*Verdict: 3 of 4 (LA said it wasn't entertaining but LA/Demi/Simon said yes because they felt her vocals were good; Britney said no because she felt she had no X Factor)

Trevor Moran (CUT?)
Audition City: San Francisco, CA
Audition Song: "Part of Me" by Katy Perry and "Sexy And I Know It" by LMFAO
Origin: Los Angeles, CA
Age: 12
*A bit of a youtube sensation. Does these "dances" at Apple Stores that get millions of views.
*Said to be energetic and charismatic, won the audience over with the second song. Gets comparisons to Bieber. Simon commented that some of moves were not age-appropriate.
Apple Store Dance to "Friday"
Apple Store Dance to "Sexy And I Know It"
Apple Store Dance to "Hold It Against Me"

Troy Kurtis
Audition City: Providence, RI
Audition Song: A Spanish song and "Right Here Waiting" by Richard Marx
Origin: Danbury, CT
Age: 31
*Told everyone to stand up for the Richard Marx song. LA Reid told him that Demi was sweating and giggling. Britney said his performance was very sexy.
*Former singer from the Latin boy band Menudo.
Did some acting, seen in Guiding Light

Breakdown: (excluding completely unnamed ones)

Chris Scott
Danny Falco
David Kroll
Jake Garza
Rizzloe Jones
Trevor Moran
Willie Jones

Abi McCaulley
Amber Lily
Ashley aka Miss Graphic
Beatrice Miller
Capri aka Erica
Carly Rose Sonenclar
CeCe Dawson
Dawson Ebanks?
Deborah Diaz
Diamond White
Dinah Jane
Felicia Willis
Gianelle Garcia
Jada Harper
Jessica Espinoza
Jessica Sharpe
Jillian Jensen
Lydia Caesar
Macy Kate
Megan Mugzy McCauley
Sophie Bean
Sophie Simmons

A'Donna Bowen-Williams
Charlotte Embry
Jeffrey Adam ???
Joseph Dellamadio
Kevontay Jackson
Taralyn Ramsey
Tate Stevens
Troy Kurtis

AJ Young & Ay-MusiK
Before You Exit
The Boyle Brothers
Breaking Dawn
Elevate: On The Rise
K.I.D.Z. With Dreams
Me Vs Gravity
Pants Velour


  1. Before You Exit is my worse nightmare. If they allow the instruments, ugh. I can see why Demi said some weren't pulling their weight. the bass player and other brother are probably not much in the way of singers. The other three make a good base, pretty much what 1D was during their XF run.

  2. Megan "MugZy" McCauley is probably a plant. She has been prepping for this run at XF since the start of the year. She made some new covers to show herself as more of a soul/pop singer, as opposed to the punk pop of her WindUp years. Went in for a photo shoot she used to revamp her Facebook artist page. She has management in place, ready to go with whatever comes from XF. I wonder if the show suggested she audition in Austin, as opposed to San Francisco, which is closer to her LA base.

  3. those three girls roxy montana... i saw them in san fran they were fantastic, they did katy perry and a christian song... what does the cut by their name mean? hopefully there still there. i want to see them and jet5et battle it out on the show... :-)

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  5. do you know who Britney invited to Judges House?

  6. Thank for the spoilers! Do the ones in yellow mean something than those in gray?

  7. I was in the audience on 6.18 I have two names for you. The girl that did power of love and halo is named nina myers and the little cute girl with pigtails who wanted to sing somebody to love by queen but they stopped her and made her sing tomorrow is named jordyn foley. Crowd loved her. They both were really good and made it through to bootcamp.

  8. I have a couple of questions what does grayed out names mean? Will everyone listed on this spoiler be seen on tv. In were there any successful groups to make it through the reason Simone created his own. I heard there were some go get'em groups to audition meaning they will give x factor some millions viewer ratings. I also don't like the show spending a lot of time drama it should be on singing. Let's at least give the ones who made it to bootcamp a chance to get seen. Because x factor had thousands of ppl and these ppl that made it deserve to be seen by us the viewers. We could possibly see them signed to other labels or tv screen . Per emails rcvd rumors like jillen emblem3, Willie jones the best black country singer Carly ,sister group sigmons, Julie bullock, jake, it was another sister group roxy montana has skills, sister c can't sing but r pretty, drope crisis not all of that. Another sister group from Texas Lady jai they can entertain a crowd with their voices and ppl say they can dance. Taralyn ramsey can sing she sung acapella awesome. Paige sounds ok and looks good this is all so far this what ppl love to see or would like to see. Simone they love the way you shield brittney. Brittney is doing a great job for the first year and Demi is learning which is Reid no comments made. Let's get x factors rating going I want to see brittney and Simone show rise past Christina the voice show.

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  10. are you positive on most of the people who you said were through? I really hope Jennel Garcia makes it

  11. I Heard RoXxy Montana were the Grand daughters of Marvin Gaye hmmm wonder if its true!!!